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Where can I download the Dog Walks App? 

Dog Walks App is available to download now from the App Store.



What areas does it cover? 

Dog Walks App covers all of England, with 500 walks spread across the entire country. Plus, we'll be adding more in the future! 

Is Dog Walks App available for Android as well? 

Not yet, but we're working on it. For now the app is available only on the App Store, but as soon as that changes we'll let everyone know!

Who made the app? 

Dog Walks App is brought to you by the team at Countryside Books. We've been publishing walking guides for 40+ years, and many of the walks you find in the app have previously appeared in our popular and trusted dog-walking titles!

The technical wizardry (otherwise knows as development) was done by the amazing folks at PathRanger.

So these routes are tried & tested? 

You bet - hand-picked by experts and tested on dogs over a period of years!

How much does the Dog Walks App cost? 

Dog Walks App will cost £5.99 for an annual subscription. Just to give you an idea of what great value that is, think of it this way: 


A standard dog walks book might contain as many as 20 walks and cost you around £8.99. This app contains hundreds and costs only £5.99 per year.


Can I try it for free first? 

Yes, of course. Download the app and you'll get a small selection of walks for free. If you like it, you can upgrade to the full subscription for just £5.99. 

Does it cover all of the UK? 

Currently the app covers England only, but we're hoping to add more territories in the future!